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There is nothing more practical than a good theory
An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of theory.

Anand Kamat

Anand Kamat
Technology leader at Microsoft

"Being a technology leader at Microsoft, this was clearly not a course on my career path! However, my deep passion for people and curiosity about OD got me in. I was neither skeptical nor optimistic about what I will get out of this course. And being "present" and "open to learning" gave me so much more than I could have imagined. Santhosh is amazing for both content as well as his style of facilitation. I loved the flow we had for 4 days in his sessions and numerous real life case studies along with practical tips, that we discussed at length. TISS professors Dr. Vijay Kumar and Prof. Ravindran with their depth and fellow leaders made it a great experience with their perspectives and insights". I would highly encourage business leaders that are driving organisational change and that means everyone to attend this.

Snigdha Nautiyal

Snigdha Nautiyal
AVP and Head HR, Chemical Technology group, SRF

" Learning about OD interventions from two apex bodies in India was outstanding and a lifetime experience. After spending more than a decade in the organisation, it was so exciting to relate human behaviour with the OD models that were shared in the program. My first OD and humanistic model on creating “aura for an employee” in the organisation was hugely appreciated by my management. All thanks to the course and to the facilitators, who stimulated my mind to link psychology/humanistic approach and link it to business goals. Never learnt OD principles like this before!! And want to recommend this program to all HR heads/OD and L&D practitioners "

Kartik Rao

Kartik Rao
Senior Manager - OD & Talent Management - Housing, PropTiger, Makaan

" This is not just a course on OD, this is an experience that opens up a galaxy of opportunities where you can make impact through OD. 4 days shall consume you in meaningful learning, healthy discussions, real life case studies, applicability at your work and most importantly partnership with some of the best minds in consulting and academic world " The course navigates from the the very basics of OD to Practitioner level and includes facets of Psychology, Management, Strategy, Models, Softwares, E-books and oceans of reading material. This is followed by 2 months of weekly webinars that keep the rigor on OD and keeps you engaged till it becomes a part of you. It's been a little over a month and my team have been enquiring about my new thought process that seem to have got born overnight. Leaving with a quote that might help you register for it now. "If you think learning is expensive, try ignorance."

Swati Chawla

Swati Chawla
Global Head, HR Analytics, Strategy & Planning at Syngenta

" As a participant from the pioneer batch, would highly recommend for professionals looking to understand the vast world of OD from the best of practitioners ( team OD Alternatives) and Academics ( TISS professors) "

Swati Patwardhan

Swati Patwardhan
Head HR, Organization Development, Change Management, Business Partnering, Senior HR Professional

" The workshop design not only strengthened my understanding of various OD models but also provided me with tools like systems thinking and research methodology to use them effectively. The examples and the case studies, in fact the whole format is very thought provoking. The workshop does not prescribe or spoon feed you with definitive answers, it pushes and challenges you to think of many ways of application at work. It was one of the most valuable workshop I have attended in last few years. "

Akhila Babu

Akhila Babu
Head- Organizational Development at Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited- Madura Clothing

" I was in search of a holistic certification program in India that would give me some answers and equip me with the tools I would require to excel in the OD space. My search ended with the OD Certification program offered by ODA and TISS. The program effectively guides you in the journey of becoming an OD practitioner and helps you find your answers through a very structured curriculum. Following the true essence of OD, the program begins with a deep understanding of self, followed by understanding of group and then the system as a whole. The passion with which the ODA team conducts the program is contagious and the learning continues much beyond the stipulated 60 hours! "

Vandana Gahlawat

Vandana Gahlawat
Senior Manager HR - Compensation and Performance Management at Asian Paints

" To put briefly, this course is a perfect blend of theory and practice. As somebo dy who had studied OD subjects full time for 2 years in my MBA, this program still had a 'pleasant surprise' quotient for me. Its my first year in a core OD role at my organization and this program made for an exceptionally well structured refresher. The practical experience that Santosh brings to the course lends it a very holistic character and makes for a deep learning experience. This program is a rare example of one that fittingly hits the sweet spot of academic theories, situational context coming from OD practitioners and consultative insights from different industries from ODA. "

Vidya Gomes

Vidya Gomes
Manager - L&D, HR Dept. at The Manipal Group

" Being L&D Professionals, we have to partner often with consulting firms to drive OD initiatives in our respective organizations. This program is one of the best option to enhance our knowledge in OD, especially for working professionals like us. While there’s lot of reading material easily available today on the internet, it is a great advantage when you get to learn the practical aspects of OD, from well-known facilitators like Santhosh from ODA and Professors from TISS, who have practiced and implemented OD interventions across various industries. Adding to it, when you have experienced professionals from other companies as participants with you, there is an opportunity to share, learn & understand better from each other. A perfect blend!” "

Dr Satish K Nair

Dr Satish K Nair
PhD, Director, Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research

" A ‘crisp’ blend indeed! Truly effective blended learning conceptualized by a fine blend of ODA and TISS! If it’s one ‘blend’ too many, it’s because that’s at the heart of the beneficial certification program – the coming together of mavericks and masterminds. Enriching! "

Kashmeera Prabhu

Kashmeera Prabhu
Senior Manager – Talent, Learning and OD at GSK Pharmaceuticals India

" Organizational development is a term used freely and casually for a plethora of initiatives and processes in the corporate world. ODC provided me with an opportunity to learn more beyond just theory, rather it introduced me to the art and science behind Organization Development and left me curious for life. "

Bagish Jha

Bagish Jha
Deputy Manager - HR at Sterlite Technologies Limited

" OD certification course was very much useful. After the completion of the course personally I experience the difference between internal thought process and understanding the human behavior. "

Ashish Pandya

Ashish Pandya
Deputy General Manager - HR, Saffron Lifestyle Traders Pvt. Ltd

" It would not be an exaggeration if I say it was a life changing experience for me to attend the OD Certification from TISS & ODA. All the concepts, experiences and contents discussed during workshop of 4 days followed by 10 webinars were first hand and thought provoking. "

Ms. Pooja Velhal

Ms. Pooja Velhal
Head – Talent, Learning & Leadership Development, Corporate HR - SCHAEFFLER

" ODA has provided me with lifelong tools to attain set goals and their associated objections. This experience moved my focus from just transactions to initiating a deeper transformation (within systems, Organizations and People) As I continue to stride for success and reach new milestones in my career, I will always be conscientious of the requirements and processes that have been infused in me to achieve success. This program has been a life changing experience and because of expert Coaches like Sathosh Babu, I am happy to be in a position that places me “inches” in front of the competition! The program educates you on how to identify and break the habits that are not working and then focus on creating strategies and positive habits that will work moving forward. "



A 60-hour Organisation Development Certification Program
(In online webinar format).

The program starts on 5th April, 2023
Early Bird Offer closing on 10th March, 2023

Admission closing date: 2nd April, 2023

A perfect blend of theory and practice as you would like it.
Seats are limited to 50 ONLY

Why OD Course?

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, an organisation's ability to respond is its key to survival and success. However, it is not the ‘organisation’ that chooses when, why or how to respond; it is the people within it.

Most modern L&D and HR functions are seamlessly taking on OD interventions. In practice, the boundary is beginning to blur. Now, most L&D and HR Professionals, at some point of time, need to drive OD initiatives or partner with consulting firms to drive these initiatives. Very few options are available for them to build their expertise in the field of OD. And many a times, they find it difficult to enroll themselves for long-term mid-career professional courses.

Our OD course is custom designed to help Managers, HR Professionals and L&D Specialists effectively tackle the challenges associated with developing competent workforce that is confident, productive and committed to realizing the organisational goals.

Our highly practical in-depth programme will equip you with a core understanding of what OD is all about with the support of practical OD tools and techniques. The program aims at improving your skills and providing you with greater awareness of self and group processes.

We aim to achieve this by balancing theory and practice – using your real world situations as the start point for deep learning.

A combined perspective of a long-term practicing Consulting Firm and an established Academic Institution like TISS would add great value to the Short Certification Course that will help large number of L&D and HR professionals gain an in-breadth understanding of Organization Development.

Lead Faculty

Prof. K. Ravindran - Chairperson for the Centre for Research Methodology

Prof. K. Ravindran

Chairperson for the Centre for Research Methodology

Prof. K. Ravindran has been teaching at TISS for more than 30 years. His interests and expertise include psychoanalysis, research methodology, philosophy and spirituality. Prof. Ravindran is much loved for the passion with which he teaches and the compassion with which he relates. In general, students have considered Prof. Ravindran's courses as transformational experiences in their lives.

He has been the Chairperson for the Centre for Research Methodology. He has also developed the curriculum for the M Phil program at TISS. In addition to being an academic, he has also been a consultant to many organisations in the private and public sectors.

Mr. Santhosh Babu - The Chairman and Founder of ODA and author of India’s first book on coaching published by Wiley.


The Chairman and Founder of ODA and author of India’s first book on coaching published by Wiley.

Santhosh Babu is the Chairman and Founder of ODA (Organization Development Alternatives Consultants Pvt. Ltd) and author of India’s First book on Coaching published by Wiley.

He also wrote the column ‘Buddha in the Boardroom’ in Business Today and occasionally writes for Huffington Post.

He has also contributed a paper in the book, OD Accelerating Learning and Development published by Sage.

Santhosh has 20 years of experience as a consultant, helping organizations to be purposeful and successful.

Dr. Noel Machado

Dr. Noel Machado

Dr. Noel Machado is the Advisor for Industry-Academia Collaboration at C SOL and a visiting professor at TISS' School of Management and Labour Studies. He has over twenty years of experience in commerce and industry. He was the head of HR consulting at Ernst & Young, Mumbai; managing partner of Prashnodaya (an OD firm); and vice president, HR technology & organisational effectiveness at Accenture, India. Dr. Machado’s expertise lies in two complementary areas of leadership & organisation development, viz. (i) human psychology - how individual and interpersonal characteristics shape performance; and (ii) organisation science - how organisational structures and cultures influence success


Ashok Kumar

Ashok is an organization transformation professional with more than 30 years of experience spanning across armed forces, automotive industry and management consultancy, McKinsey. He has more than 14 years of experience in leading transformation engagements across diverse industries.He is passionate about working with MSME Leaders, coaching and supporting them in transforming their businesses

For Whom?
Working professionals with a minimum of 5 years experience as

Training / Learning and Development Professionals

HR Managers

Line Managers

People who are responsible for OD in their organisation

Introduction to OD and Change

What is OD?
  • The core of OD – History to its current form
  • Kurt Lewin and the planned approach to change
  • Change models and overcoming the resistance to change
Skillset / Mindset and Identity of an OD practitioner
  • What do OD practitioners do?
  • OD Practitioner – Core competencies, Roles, Values and Ethics
Self – Theories – Tools – Application
  • Understanding the role of individuals in the organisations
  • Different tools for understanding Self and their applications
  • Self as a tool for transformation
Group - Group Dynamics and Group Theories
  • Social Psychology basics and Group theories
  • Understanding group dynamics
Systems Theory – Systems Behavior – Whole System Intervention methodology
  • Understanding System Dynamics
  • Whole System Interventions and Large Group Intervention models
Purpose – Values – Culture
  • Building purposeful Organisation
  • Diagnosing and changing Organisation culture
  • Organisation Values, Leadership Developmet frameworks
organisation Analysis and Diagnostic Models
  • Different diagnostic models and understanding when to use which model
  • organisational Analysis to implement strategic interventions
Research Methodology
  • Evidence based management - Concepts and Constructs
  • Theory Testing and Theory Building Research
  • Quantitative and Qualitative research - when to use what
Epistemological and Phenomenological approaches
  • Phenomenological and Positivistic approaches to OD
  • Epistemological approaches to intervention


I here by agree to attend minimum 80% of the sessions and participate in at least one teach-back session to meet course completion criteria.


  • Early Bird admission Fee is INR 90,000/ + 18% GST
    Regular Admission Fee is INR 1 Lakh + 18% GST
  • Non - refundable payment by cheque/DD of Rs. 1 Lakh + 18% Taxes
    favoring "OD Alternative Consultancy Pvt. Ltd." at the time of registration.
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  • In case of cancellation there is no refund. The amount can be adjusted accordingly towards the next program.
  • We reserve the right to cancel / change the schedule, at which time we will offer a full refund to the participant.
  • For any billing or payment related query, please email to murali@odalternatives.com
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